My Philosophy

My Vision

A society in which people experience life-satisfaction, contentment and an overall sense of well-being; a society in which people thrive in their personal, relational, social, spiritual, and professional lives.

My Mission


Life Satisfaction Coaching educates, and empowers people to create satisfaction and contentment in valued areas of their lives. By intentionally generating positive experiences in life areas such as health, marriage, work, family and parenting, community, friends, leisure, finances, and so forth, people develop a more satisfying life; a sense of contentment, well-being and happiness emerge.


Through Life Satisfaction Coaching, people build on past and present positive life-experiences and personal strengths, to help design, develop and implement a life-vision that is consistent with their values and with the happiness that a fulfilling and satisfying life has to offer.



A central goal of Life Satisfaction Coaching is to assist clients with improving their Quality of Life and achieve an optimal sense of contentment and happiness.

My Goal

What is the concept of Life Satisfaction, Quality of Life and Happiness? Happiness, Satisfaction, or Quality of Life can be described as the extent to which your most important needs, wants, goals, and aspirations have been identified and optimally fulfilled.

Life Satisfaction Coaching aims to raise awareness of the power that life-satisfaction and contentment have to offer in the overall quality of our life. By bringing intentionality into the practice of living life, developing new knowledge, acquiring new skills, and enhancing emotional and relational competence, people will ultimately develop resilience, self-efficacy, intimacy and connection in their personal and relational life. As a result, a sense of well-being, life-satisfaction, contentment and an overall experience of happiness will emerge.

Life Satisfaction Coaching seeks to inspire, foster, and provide ongoing support to individuals, couples, parents, families, communities and groups intending to develop and enhance satisfaction and happiness in their lives. The practice and the implementation of such intentional living will ultimately lead to the emergence of an overall increase in the Quality of Life and to living your preferred life!